Saturday, January 26, 2008

The argument against cheap suitcases

Zippers rip, swears are sworn, tea is made, emails are read, and the next thing you know, you've lost a full two hours you really needed for packing.


I will say, though, that I'm having my first experience packing as much shit as humanly possible into my new (non-cheap, nigh indestructible) backpack. It's already a strangely intimate relationship. Although I'm surprised by how much it holds, it really doesn't feel like the appropriate capacity for a 4-month trip through varying climates. I guess that's the challenge. I've been wearing it around my apartment a lot lately, trying to figure out how to wear it and move with it when it's loaded up with weight. I also keep discovering more things that zip, detach, cover, or lock - and each time, each one seems extremely necessary. Which makes me think I need to work on this relationship some more before leaving.

Wolf Parade and Sonnet L'Abbé, you float me on the hard days.

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