Sunday, March 23, 2008

Oh yeah, one more thing

Could this be any more patronizing? New in MSN Headlines this week: Old School Bullshit Plagues New Generation.

It basically talks about how teen girl online diarists are the hot new bloggers (untrue), and how women are, like, totally getting into tech finally so we can, you know, share our feelings and stuff. Totally makes up for the abysmal showing of women in tech jobs. Because we don't want the jobs or the pay or whatever, we just want to express our selves, you know, socially. According to our natures.

And, of course, the article ends with a girl realizing that, now that she's gone to university and made real friends, she can close up the blog, which was just a surrogate for other people.

Luckily it was on MSN, so no one read it.

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