Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Karnataka and all the rest

Where was I?

Oh yeah, I gave you a cheap, point-form update on what we've been up to. Well here's another:

- moved states; we're in Karnataka now (if you've looked at a map of India and noted that our travel route makes no sense and never has, you're right)
- Mysore! A palace! Sandalwood and crappy internet! A random guy who groped us! E.'s catlike reflexes in throwing a half-full water bottle at him and asking very loudly what is wrong with him!
- seriously though, Mysore was nice
- the Coorg region, coffee and cardamom plantations, and a two-day starter trek
- kinda nervous about the Himalayas; I'm coffee-shop-in-Montreal shaped, not necessarily 5-days-of-intense-mountain-climbing shaped
- keeping tabs on the Tibet situation, dying to get to McLeod Ganj already
- en route to Hampi, a huge ruined city

Yeah, there's really not much. Let's talk about what's going on on your end.

We Move to Canada is telling me some scary stuff today, among which is the fact that suicide rate in the Canadian military doubled between 2006 and 2007. What's going on out there, Canada? What are all these bills? And what the crap is this SPP?

Information, please! Especially about the SPP.

Seriously, I leave you guys alone for three simple months....

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E. said...

Thanks for the generous description of my reflexes. If only I'd had Robin Hood-like aim...