Monday, May 18, 2009

On the road again

Well, I'm moving to Nunavut for the summer.

Through a long and bizarre series of events which concluded a long and bizarre year, I've been hired by the Department of Justice and the public prosecution service in Iqaluit, Nunavut for the next few months.  I'm very, very excited about this.  I've wanted to see and learn more about the Canadian North for a while now, and this gives me a really great way to do that.

It's also been a fucked up year and I'm getting a little stir-crazy.  I had been thinking over the last few months how great it would be to have an experience this summer rather than just a job - I miss the challenges of travel and the different ways of learning and being that happen in that context.  So now it looks like I'll be doing some experiencing again, and that's feeling pretty good.  I got in the habit of telling people I wasn't looking for a legal job this summer (which I meant at the time), and that my plan was to spend this summer working a normal job and "being a person again for a little while."  I feel like this is the best of both worlds.

All this to say, I'll be living in a 5-bedroom house on the coast of Baffin Island, probably by myself but with fairly good internet.  

All of *that* to say, I expect to be travel-blogging in here again. 

Stay tuned.

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