Thursday, June 4, 2009


Oh, alright. Here are some photos I took the day I arrived.

In sequence:

1. My house. Kitchen and living room on top floor with walk-out; my bedroom window is the bottom-left.
2. The view of town from my porch (I live on the edge of the city, at the top of the ridge above the bay).
3. The bay as seen from my yard.
4. A good approximation of how dark it gets at night. I think this photo was taken at about 1am.

Blogging is fun! Don't skip the serious post below.


Vivien said...

Your mission, should you choose to accept it - is to take one photograph every hour, over 24 hours. I think it would be neat to see the amount of sunlight! Of course, I say that back in Toronto and it doesn't rely on me to be sleep deprived :P

E. said...

My jaw dropped at photo #3.

Also, will check out your serious post in a sec.

m. said...

E, you will appreciate this - I thought of you:

(while my boss was showing me around in his truck on my first day here)

My boss: Actually, most of the best art in town comes from local artisans you will meet in restaurants. They come around to tables selling what they've made, and some of it is really phenomenal. You're free to haggle over price.

Me: Haggle? How inflated is their first price?

Boss: Oh, all you have to do is say "What's your best price for this?" and they'll tell you. Sometimes they'll come right out and say, "This costs $180 or $160."

Me (in my head): Pfft. Amateurs.

Wish you were here! You would find this really cool.

Anonymous said...

hi m thanks for the pictues the house looks nice ths scenery is lovely how is the food etc. im glad you can dress casual for work do you like what you are doing you sure will learn a lot we think of you everyday and wonder what you are doing so glad to here people are very friendly we are packing up getting ready to move a frustrating job at any time we dont really have to move until july 15th thats when the new people take over our houseso we have lots of time your dad mark and david were here today helping pop with the pool side cementing we had a couple of broken spots to be fixed we have taken ove our condo aiready we have had the floors sanded and the painying of the place is this week took mom dad and boys to see the place today they liked it very much we have a corner unit and a nice wrap around balcony with exits from the kitchen and dining room ithink we will be very happy there as there is a lot of things to do if we wish to taks part i guess im getting old as i wont miss the maintenace the house and pool keep the blog going i love reading it i loved your packing note...keep in touch take good care of yourself we love you lots miss you too love nana andop