Saturday, February 23, 2008

Rajasthan and on and on

So while we're slacking off at the Tandon residence in Chandigarh, we're taking advantage of their fast internet connection and computer to offer some photos. Quickly. Here: This is Jodhpur, the city with the major fort we visited and the blue buildings. This is also E looking happy. You can't see the blue of the city too much, and unfortunately uploading photos takes a long time so we'll show you all the actual city when we get home.

(Sorry in advance for the wonky spacing on this entry, I don't know what's going on...)

This is a shot as we were approaching the fort on the hill, which is in the top right corner of the last photo. It was really imposing.

Rajasthanis have a real flair for detail, in architecture as well as elsewhere. The entire exterior of the citadel was all latticework, and no two panels on the entire structure are the same. Below is the interior of one of the major rooms of the palace part. That's real gold, and detailed paintings of the various rulers who lived in the citadel.

This is part of the exterior in a small courtyard where the women lived and spent their time. You'll see the latticework panels here. They're not actually lattice, I just don't know how to describe them. Carved, I guess. They look better when the photos are bigger.

Below is a view of Jaisalmer, the last city we stayed at in Rajasthan, which was the honey yellow sandstone. This is the view from our hotel room, looking out over the main gate to the fort and over the city. Jaisalmer, of course, is where we took our camels from:

They had a fairly nice temperament; were huge; posed happily for photos.

The desert, as we mentioned, was beautiful. Again, I wish this photo was bigger. These are our camels at rest.
(Okay, I accidentally deleted the photo this referred to, and I've been fighting with this post for over an hour now, so the desert is just going to have to wait. I hate you, blogger.)
Anyway, this is from the Rock Garden in Chandigarh. This random guy started building quirky sculptures out of trash from the city, and eventually the city found out and gave him a grant to work on it. So it's all made from reused materials. As you can see, it was pretty interesting.

So, sorry this entry is so patchworky. More, better, later.


Anonymous said...

The photos are wonderful, the architecture fascinating. I want to go there.
I knew a couple named Tandon from
Chandigarh who were attending Queens in the early 70's. We lived in the same house on University Ave across from Chung Wahs Chinese restaurant. I wonder... Is that like when I was visiting Scotland and someone asked me "I have a cousin in Medicine Hat... do you know him?" cheers - Marilyn Miller.

Anonymous said...

It looks like your ass destroying trip was worth it. The architecture is absolutely gorgeous- how far back does it date (when was it built)? Is there any governmental protection in India for buildings or for sites?

Miss you guys a lot... no riding camels through deserts here, just riding the 80 through the desolate, icy divide which is Parc Avenue.


M. said...

Hey D,
For once the frozen tundra that is Parc Jeanne-Mance is sounding kinda good. Meaning, it's days later, and we're still, uh... healing. Discreetly. Without discussing it with anyone.
There's quite a range on that architecture. The big fort we think was somewhere between 14-16th century, and Jaisalmer was some time not too long after. Not too shabby.
We totally wish you were here, mostly so you could help us eat the grotesque amount of food S's family is stuffing us with. Also so you could do all the stuff, though. We love you.