Sunday, February 3, 2008

You'll never guess what continent I'm on

No, seriously.

Long story which we'll explain in better detail later... and it's all resolved. Our Toronto-Chicago flight was delayed by more than an hour, our gates were changed with no notification, there was a baggage screw-up.... we made a heroic run through O'Hare (Emma especially... her chest still hurts) trying to get to our gate for our Chicago-Delhi flight, only to have it closed more or less in our faces (mostly more). So we watched our plane take off without us. (All of this was re-enacted for dramatic effect and photo-documentation.)

So after talking to 3 or 4 different airline people, we got redirected through the UK. We got on a 10pm flight to the UK yesterday, and are currently having a 9-hour layover in Heathrow, waiting to get on our flight to Delhi.

So everything's fine, disaster averted, and one hefty airline complaint pending. Also, there were no vegetarian meals. We ate 4 salads each and two buns.... ie. the refuse of the carnivores' meals. It was hilarious, also an environmental disaster. Derina, expect an email soon.

So that's it. Everything's okay, we'll be arriving in Delhi at about noon on February 4 (Delhi time), which is about 1.30 am on February 4 in Toronto/Montreal time. Our reservation knows, they're sending a taxi again, it's all cool. We're still more or less having fun.

Hurray! We'll post again on the 4 or 5.


Anonymous said...

UK :)


i don't know why that rhymed,

M. said...

oh man, was it ever a delay. as if heathrow had 0 total international calling cards the one day we were there. insane.

D said...

As if vegetarians are rare- fuck those guys, I hope their hearts fill with saturated fats.